We can help you to comply with CQC requirements and statutory obligations.

In future, all GPs will need their premises to meet prescribed services.



In the late 20th Century there was very little investment in the primary care estate and today many GPs still practice from poor quality premises that fail to meet current standards and stymie innovation and new ways of working.  Failure to meet these standards may in future result in the decommissioning of services.


LSHP is able to offer GPs advice on their current property and the work that may be required to meet minimum standards.  We can also offer advice or develop new facilities for GPs where it is clear that it would not be possible or economic to upgrade their current premises.


In addition to the need to meet clinical standards there are also legal obligations on owners of commercial property which if breached can lead to significant fines and in extreme cases, imprisonment.  We can advise GPs on where they have such obligations and what they need to do to meet them.


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