Local Authorities

Facilities such as our development in Childwall promotes collaboration and creates efficiencies in estate utilisation.

Local Authorities face some of their greatest challenges in a generation.



We understand the challenges the public sector faces and can provide innovative and cost effective solutions.


Both Liverpool City Council and Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council have utilised our services to promote regeneration and provide much needed community facilities.


By working with us, procurement costs are reduced and projects can be delivered in a shorter timescale.


Co-location and Regeneration



We have advised Surestart and a library for Liverpool City Council co-located within our centres at Picton and Childwall. We have delivered health centres as part of wider regeneration schemes in Kensington and Speke. 


Asset Management



We can offer a joint asset management service to healthcare commissioners, providers and local authorities which could ensure greater collaboration and reduce costs through a joint approach to property and asset management.



value through partnership

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