LSHP Patient Survey

 November 2015


During the period 1 Jul 15 – 31 Aug 15, a Patient Survey of the Lift Estate was carried out by LSHP. The survey consisted of 10 questions that were presented to patients who were then invited to score accordingly.  A score of 10 being excellent and a score of 1 being poor. 


1   Are You Pleased with the Development

2   Does the Building Meet Your Needs

3   Standard of Decoration

4   Cleanliness of Building Including WC’s

5   Reception Meet & Greet

6   Comfort of Waiting Area

7   Ease of Journey to the Centre

8   Adequate Signage

9   Relevant Information on Notice Boards

10 Recommend Centre to Family & Friend


When reviewing the results, it was clear that the built environment aspects of the Lift Estate were well maintained and that, on the whole, patients found the buildings highly satisfactory.



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