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About Us

Liverpool & Sefton Health Partnership Ltd

Structure & Governance

Our approach is different, we are established partners of the NHS and our approach and track record set us apart.

We are different

We are a public private partnership which means that we provide an external perspective giving the best of what the private sector and public sector has to offer. We also fully understand the need for public accountability and probity with the public sector sharing the rewards.


We are local

Our office is in Merseyside. We have an intrinsic knowledge of the local health economy which is one of the most complex in the UK.


We deliver

Over the past 12 years we have delivered 15 new facilities representing a capital investment of over £150 million in Liverpool and Sefton and have managed a comprehensive refurbishment programme across the primary care estate.


We are Partners

Our approach is one of partnership and our strategic partners include; Community Health Partnerships, NHS Property Services, Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS England, Liverpool City Council, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and North West Ambulance Trust.

Doctor's Visit

General Practice

We can help you to comply with CQC requirements and statutory obligations.

In future, all GPs will need their premises to meet prescribed services.


In the late 20th Century there was very little investment in the primary care estate and today many GPs still practice from poor quality premises that fail to meet current standards and stymie innovation and new ways of working.  Failure to meet these standards may in future result in the decommissioning of services.


LSHP is able to offer GPs advice on their current property and the work that may be required to meet minimum standards.  We can also offer advice or develop new facilities for GPs where it is clear that it would not be possible or economic to upgrade their current premises.


In addition to the need to meet clinical standards there are also legal obligations on owners of commercial property which if breached can lead to significant fines and in extreme cases, imprisonment.  We can advise GPs on where they have such obligations and what they need to do to meet them.


Mental Health

LSHP and Merseycare unveil £25m award winning state of the art new Mental Health Hospital at Clock View, Liverpool.

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust


The new £25m Mental Health Hospital situated in Walton, the north part of Liverpool, incorporating 85 beds sets new standards for Mental Health Care in the UK and was officially opened in February 2015 by Mersey Care.


Clock View named after the famous local landmark Clock Tower which overlooks the site- is a new generation of Mental Health Hospitals providing therapeutic environments and approaches to care designed to improve recovery, well-being and reduce length of stay.


Our strategically located and easily accessible Neighborhood Health Centres also provide a range of community Mental Health services. A further 3 new hospitals are in development.

Contract Review


The Primary Care estate is an enabler of improved quality and cost reduction but is generally poorly managed, underutilised and has long lead times.

TA Changing Environment


The Government health and Social Care bill fundamentally changes the landscape for the commissioning of services in England. Having worked across the Merseyside area for over 12 years we understand the complexities of the Merseyside Health economy.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)

CCGs are at the forefront of commissioning local services and LSHP is well placed to provide advice and solutions to how services can better be configured to respond to the dual challenges CCGs face of delivering better health outcomes with fewer resources.

Child Activity

Our Customers

Health Trusts are a  tenant in all of our Neighbourhood Health Centres delivering a wide range of community services.  Acute providers and charities also occupy space in our buildings offering out patient and out reach services in the community.

We can assist by preparing strategies, business cases, undertaking property searches and developing premises


Today providers of healthcare need to focus on collaborating and integrating across care partnering, our buildings support this.


We are able to provide modern, fit for purpose facilities in easily accessible locations to give them the best opportunities to meet these outcomes.


It is also likely that providers will have estate requirements of their own and we can assist by preparing strategies, business cases, undertaking property searches and developing premises for them


Local Authorities

Facilities such as our development in Childwall promotes collaboration and creates efficiencies in estate utilisation.

Local Authorities face some of their greatest challenges in a generation

We understand the challenges the public sector faces and can provide innovative and cost effective solutions. Both Liverpool City Council and Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council have utilised our services to promote regeneration and provide much needed community facilities. By working with us, procurement costs are reduced and projects can be delivered in a shorter timescale.


Co-location and Regeneration

We have advised Surestart and a library for Liverpool City Council co-located within our centres at Picton and Childwall. We have delivered health centres as part of wider regeneration schemes in Kensington and Speke. 


Asset Management

We can offer a joint asset management service to healthcare commissioners, providers and local authorities which could ensure greater collaboration and reduce costs through a joint approach to property and asset management.

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