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LSHP Foundation summary of funding, 2019-2020

LSHP Foundation was founded in summer 2019. The foundation concentrated on direct donations but also worked with the Heart of England Community Foundation and the Community Foundation for Merseyside.

Initially starting at £15,000, the fund aims to support projects focusing on health, education, empowerment, and the raising of skills and aspirations of young people within the LSHP geographical boundaries.

The attached report provides a flavour of projects funded over the past year.


Toys on a Shelf

Supporting vulnerable children at Christmas

At the end of 2020, the LSHP Foundation provided much needed financial support for over 90 vulnerable children as part of the Picton Children’s Centre Christmas Campaign.

The Children’s Centre, based at the Picton Neighbourhood Health Centre, identified over 90 children in desperate need over the Christmas period due to the severe financial pressures on their families, with the children ranging in ages from new-born to 15 years.


With usual fundraising activities curtailed because of the coronavirus, the funding from the LSHP foundation was used by the Children’s Centre to help distribute toys, pyjama’s, toiletries, selection boxes, hats and gloves and food shopping vouchers to the families in need.

Children’s Centre Area Manager, Liz Parsons commented:

“The help and support that LSHP provided for us at the beginning of the Covid crisis made such a difference and brought so much relief, this generous donation for the Christmas Campaign will be a huge help and go towards some of our most vulnerable families.”

Elbow Greetings

DURING COVID - 19 Pandemic

This week they have donated £1000 to the childrens centres at Picton Neighbourhood Health Centre and also the Kensington Childrens Centre which is next to The Kensington Neighbourhood Health Centre.

The donation was greatly received, this statement is from Liz Parsons Childrens Centre Co Ordinator;


“ Firstly can I say a huge thank you! Your donation will allow us to provide families in need with nappies, wipes and other baby items as required. I know that you have a real understanding of the complexities we face in Picton and Kensington with high levels of deprivation, child poverty and asylum families and the current Covid crisis has compounded this. Your kind donation will really make a difference.“


LSHPFoundation School Book Donation

Members of the LSHP team attended the school and presented books and a tasty packed lunch to year 4. Our Consultancy Director Sam McCumiskey talked to the children about the fun and enjoyment of reading. The children and Teachers were thrilled with the books. Some of which will stay in the school library and some of which the children can take home and keep.


In conjunction with the LSHPFoundation, this was the first time Own Books donated in the North West. We are proud of introducing this opportunity to Liverpool and hope to continue to work with Open Books in more schools close to our buildings.


LSHPFoundation believe that every child should have books at home that they can enjoy with their family and friends, as books expand our universe beyond time and place and inspire us to think and learn and grow. 

Books help children develop basic language skills and profoundly expand their vocabularies—much more than any other media. Books are interactive; they demand that children think.


Cogs Education

They offer a range of creative, interactive and preventative programmes designed to help improve young people’s resilience skills, aspirations and attainment by removing mental health barriers to their social, emotional and academic development.


We are delighted that the LSHP Foundation has been able to assist them in their work. we have granted them £2200 to deliver two eight-week programmes for 15 young people at each programme. The programmes will support young people to explore the connections between mental and physical health. The programmes will support the young people to produce a creative project; short film, play, dance or art project strongly led by the young people themselves. Young people will be given the opportunity to discuss positive and negative mental health and discuss their own if they feel confident to do so.  The programme will also equip young people with coping mechanisms for when they’re feeling low and exercise to help them identify their own support network and sources of local support.  The funding will contribute towards travel costs, activity costs, overheads and staff and volunteer costs.


These activities will be held across Liverpool and are based in and around the LSHP buildings, therefore having a direct impact on the communities in which we work. we have also offered them the use of our Neighbourhood Health Centres to run group sessions in our extensive meeting rooms or consider drop in sessions or more open discussions in our communal waiting areas, hopefully we will be able to continue our support of this organisation in the coming months.



First Donation

We hope the young people have hours of pleasure with their Play Station and games and their hand held Nintendo’s.


LSHP and the hospital work closely together and there are numerous outreach clinics operating from within the LSHP estate namely, Townsend Lane, South Liverpool Treatment Centre, Mere Lane, Southport Health Centre and Childwall Neighbourhood Health Centre.  


During 2020 we hope to continue our collaboration with the Trust and work together on some exciting projects. Watch this space and we will keep you informed.