These two reports from gbpartnerships share discussions and thoughts held at roundtable events hosted in June with clients from Local Authorities and the NHS. Attendees discussed recent experiences as a result of Covid-19 and the challenges they have faced. They also explored the opportunities that lay ahead.

A number of interesting themes were raised at both events and each discussion generated key themes:

Using Crisis to Supercharge Service Delivery: A Local Government focus on the opportunities and challenges as a result of Covid-19.

Key themes:

· the influence that different attitudes to risk has on people’s behaviour;

· the significance of a simplified agenda on the ability to deliver change; and

· the impact that galvanising social change can have on mobilising communities. Read the full report here.

Learning from a Pandemic to Define a new Blueprint for Healthcare Estate. A Healthcare focus on the opportunities and challenges as a result of Covid-19.

Key Themes:

· a changing attitude…to change;

· one size doesn’t fit all; and

· a new blueprint for primary and community healthcare estate.

Read the full report here.

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Liverpool and Sefton Health Partnership’s LIFT buildings across Liverpool are playing a key role in bringing a greater range of services under one roof - often in better environments - and facilitating programmes aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles.

The buildings host a wide range of community activities; including smoking cessation; alcohol support; slimming groups; citizens advice bureaus, through to MP drop in sessions and a wide range of counselling services. The table below provides a full list of services currently provided. Situated within the heart of the community, these flexible, modern buildings are well placed to meet the diverse - and often rapidly changing - health and wellbeing needs of the local communities that they serve.

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Liverpool & Sefton Health Partnership rapidly carried out a range of works to turn the South Liverpool Treatment Centre (SLTC) into a ‘Hot Hub’ for patients with Covid-19 symptoms. The building has been easily able to accommodate significant short-term premises adaptions with an eye on what longer term and perhaps permanent changes may be needed.

During the works, SLTC remained open and continued to offer limited services for green patients (non Covid) including phlebotomy, treatment rooms, urgent podiatry, and

anti-coagulation clinics.

With the co-operation of tenants, these services were relocated from Garston Suite to other clinical zones around the building, observing social distancing 2m rules and by appointment only. The two GP Practices and child immunisations continued in the GP area, by appointment only. The pharmacy on site also remained open. Read the full case study here:

SLTC Hot Hub Case Study _June 2020_Final


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