Picton Children’s Centre first approached the Liverpool & Sefton Health Partnership late last year to request three tree stumps to be cut to ground level and the roots ground out, as they were causing a trip hazard for the children. After further discussion with facilities management provider, Integral, it was agreed that lifecycle funding could be used for resurfacing the playground, with works being completed in January 22.

Integral commented:

An immediate site visit was arranged when we became aware of the trip hazard in order to assess the health & safety risk and a plan of action was quickly agreed between all parties.

The first and most important stage was to remove the tripping hazard as soon as possible. Therefore, Integral proposed a couple of different options to the landlord/nursery and it was decided that the best option would be for the exposed tree roots to be ground down and then cavities created would be covered with soil in order to create a level and safer playing area for the children.

Further discussions took place regarding how the area could be improved and all parties agreed that the trodden grass and soil was not an appropriate surface for young children to be using on a daily basis, especially in the winter. Consequently, Integral was able to obtain approval for replacing the existing surface with wet pour rubber soft surfacing earlier this year.

The collaborative approach between the landlord, nursery and Integral meant that the groundwork could be completed in a timely manner and then the new surface was installed shortly after.

Integral are very pleased that they have been able to contribute to a safe and attractive playground that can be used all year round by the children at the Picton Surestart nursery.


Liverpool & Sefton Health Partnership (LSHP) is proud to announce its support for Sea Cadets 2022 ‘On the Water’ programme. The support from LSHP sits alongside funding from BDH Community Ventures, North London Estates Partnership and gbpartnerships foundation, providing fully funded opportunities for 9–14-year-olds from under-privileged backgrounds to take part in a series of water-based activities.

On the Water will take place in Liverpool, Birmingham and London across the Summer, providing participants with the chance make new friends, learn new skills, build their confidence, increase their health and wellbeing through exercise, have fun and leave with a recognised sailing qualification at the end of the programme.

LSHP and gbpartnerships will work with the Sea Cadets to engage with community organisations operating within the postcode areas that the BDH LIFT estate is located. This work will specifically aim to reach disadvantage young people living within postcode areas that are in close proximity to LIFT buildings. The LIFT estate will also be used to promote the On the Water programme and work of the Sea Cadets along with plans to use the buildings for the delivery of first aid training for Cadets and host events.

Mr Martin Coles CBE, CEO Sea Cadets commented:

“We are incredibly grateful to everyone at BDH Community Ventures, Liverpool & Sefton Health Partnership, North London Estates Partnership and gbpartnerships for their support in making our On the Water outreach programme a reality for so many young people this year.
Sea Cadets looks forward to offering life changing experiences for young people that would otherwise have no opportunity to sail, paddle, kayak and more. For so many these experiences will be an eye-opener to the world of maritime adventures, qualifications and even careers.”

Sea Cadets are the UK’s largest maritime youth development charity, training 14,000 young people every year. Learning life skills through water-based activities. Sea Cadets have 400 Units and 9,000 Volunteers, all helping young people achieve their ambitions and goals through skills training & development.

The On the Water programme has been successful at reaching out to hard-to-reach groups, with 8 in 10 young people who attended in 2021 matching at least one category which qualifies them as hard-to-reach.

Feedback from Parent, Birmingham site:

“My children participated in On the Water 2021. They thoroughly enjoyed their time and learnt some fantastic new skills…... My three have never experienced such activities and I doubt I’ll afford something like it again. I wish something like this was available more often. I would like to thank Megan, Jane and all the other staff for all their hard work and time.”

SC On the Water - Liverpool 2022
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  • Jane Batchelor

A bee house has been installed at Litherland Town Hall Health Centre, helping to improve biodiversity in the local area.