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Liverpool & Sefton Health Partnership Ltd


Clock View, Walton

Clock View is a new generation of mental health hospitals opened in February 2015. It provides therapeutic environments and approaches to care designed to improve recovery, wellbeing and reduce lengths of stay. It provides short-stay treatment for local people with a range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety and dementia, offering 85 individual bedrooms all with en-suite. It also provides the city’s new psychiatric intensive care unit for those most in distress in need of urgent in-patient care. It is a base for a new local assessment and immediate care service that provides emergency, urgent and routine assessment, enabling better support for people between in-patient and community services.


Clock View replaces an existing adult mental health in-patient unit called Stoddart House. The new hospital has been designed to provide light and airy spaces, individual bedrooms of the highest standards for privacy and dignity, in addition to communal activity areas and safe inner courtyard gardens to aid people’s recovery. Additional facilities include learning and education spaces; a café; a range of individual and group therapy and activity spaces, space for self-help, advocacy and voluntary organisations; spiritual space; family visiting rooms and meeting rooms, all contained in attractive low level buildings surrounded by landscaping.

0151 330 7200


Ainsdale Centre for Health and Wellbeing

This striking building is situated within a residential area and offers a range of services including; nurse led treatment rooms, podiatry, dietetics, smoking cessation, parentcraft, audiology, baby clinic, leg ulcer services, speech and language therapy, welfare food sales, health visitor enquiries, district nurse enquiries, physiotherapy, retinal screening, diabetic services, GPSI – joint injection clinics and phlebotomy.

01704 387130

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Aintree Group Practice, Oriel Drive

This is the smallest of LSHP’s developments and houses a branch of one of the largest GP practices in Liverpool.  The building provides a range of consulting and treatment rooms as well as minor surgery.

0151 295 8350

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Breeze Hill Neighbourhood Health Centre

This imposing development is sited on one of Liverpool’s business traffic intersections.  The facility accommodates three GP practices and includes treatment rooms, orthoptist, podiatry, phlebotomy, health visitors, district nurses and a diagnostic suite.  The centre also houses a retail pharmacy.  It opened its doors to the public in February 2008.

0151 295 3482

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Childwall Neighbourhood Health Centre

This ambitious development stands on the site of the old library at Childwall Fiveways and involved NHS Merseyside, Liverpool City Council and Childwall school.  Co-located within the health centre is  a replacement library and a sixth form facility.  The health centre delivers a range of services including; phlebotomy, Anti-coag, paediatrics, podiatry, alcohol service, dermatology, treatment room, diabetic retin-opathy, counselling, expert patient and a health education room.  It opened its doors to the public on 24th October 2011.

0151 295 9356


For appointments with the Oakvale Practice, please call 0151 295 9372


For appointments with Dr Orlan’s Practice, please call 0151 295 9300

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Everton Road Health Centre

The innovative design of this building utilises the sloping nature of the site to create a 2-storey frontage with four levels.  The facility includes 4 GPs, outpatients, dentistry, podiatry, district nurses with expansion space for further provision as demand dictates.


LSHP and Liverpool PCT worked closely with Liverpool City Council to cater for the needs of social services who are also housed in the building.  The improved facilities will assist the PCT in the recruitment and retention of staff which can be challenging in deprived areas.

0151 300 8333

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Kensington Neighbourhood Health Centre

This development is situated on a major strategic gateway to Liverpool city centre and a design competition was undertaken to respond to the demands of delivering a cost effective design on such an important site.  Financial Close on this scheme was achieved on 30th November 2011 and work has commenced on site.  It opened to the public on 18th March 2013.  The facility replaces existing Portable Cabins and poor quality accommodation whilst providing additional capacity to deliver a wider range of services.

0151 295 3636

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Litherland Town Hall Health Centre

Litherland Town Hall has an interesting history and has been tastefully converted to create a new health centre offering a wide range of primary care services.  In the 1960s the Beatles played here and, as such, it has a place in the hearts of a generation of locals.


The centre includes a minor injuries walk-in centre, two GP practices and two dental practices.  The centre also houses the UK’s first fully digital x-ray facility together with podiatry and district nursing.

0151 475 4831

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Picton Neighbourhood Health and Children’s Centre

This colourful, modern building is situated in a housing market renewal area and provides a new asset for one of the most ethnically diverse areas of Liverpool.  The centre also includes a Surestart children’s nursery which is run by Liverpool City Council and further enhances the building’s function as a community facility.


The building accommodates two GP practices, treatment rooms, dentistry, practice nurses, health visitors, health education, phlebotomy and a pharmacy.  The building was completed and opened in February 2008.

0151 295 3300

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Princes Park Neighbourhood Health Centre

An existing health centre has been completely remodelled and redeveloped to create a modern, fit for purpose health centre. Work commenced on site in November 2010 and due to the complexities of working in a live environment, the development has been phased with the final phase completed May 2012.  The remodelled health centre added bookable treatment rooms to the existing provision enabling a much wider range of services to be delivered to the local community.

0151 295 9222

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South Liverpool

This is LSHP’s largest facility to date and replaces the much smaller Sir Alfred Jones memorial hospital which stood on the site previously.  The building opened in April 2011 and houses two GP practices, a walk in and diagnostics suite, community dentistry, physiotherapy and a wide range of outpatients services including audiology and ophthalmology.

Photo Credit: Infinite 3D Photography

0151 295 9000

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Southport Centre for Health and Wellbeing

The facility in a prominent location on Southport town centre delivers a range of services including; podiatry, family planning, dental, audiology, neuro-rehabilitation, children’s services and community physiotherapy.  The building is sympathetically designed so as to fit well with the surrounding properties in the area and the final design was the result of collaboration with the planning authority.  The building opened its doors to patients in January 2008.

01704 385101

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Speke Neighbourhood Health Centre

Speke has undergone a substantial regeneration programme which has seen a new school and shopping complex developed to serve the area.  This new development led to the decline of the existing district centre which has been demolished and created the opportunity to provide a new hub for the community in the centre of Speke.

0151 295 8800

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Townsend Lane Neighbourhood Health Centre

This development is in one of the most deprived communities in England and is was constructed on the site of a former school.  Work commenced in November 2010 and opened to the public on 16th January 2012.  The building houses; two GP practices, treatment room, minor surgery, Alder Hey (Children’s Services), ENT, phlebotomy, anti-coag, counselling, dentist, health education room and podiatry.

0151 295 9500


For appointments with the Anfield Group Practice, please call 0151 295 9520

For appointments with Townsend Lane Medical Centre, please call 0151 295 9510

For dental appointments, please call 0151 295 9640

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Mere Lane Neighbourhood Health Centre

Mere Lane Neighbourhood Health Centre was commissioned by Liverpool Primary Care Trust with a value of £5m. The centre comprises a new ’O’ shaped, 2,086m² building on two floors. There is ground level parking provided to the west side of the building, 3 GP Practices, Counselling services, Phlebotomy, Podiatry, Sexual Health, Minor Surgery, Dental services, Outpatient Consulting and Treatment services and a Pharmacy. The building was designed and constructed to achieve BREEAM Excellent standard.

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