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  • Jane Batchelor

Creating a safe and attractive playground for Picton Nursery

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Picton Children’s Centre first approached Liverpool & Sefton Health Partnership late last year to request three tree stumps to be cut to ground level and the roots ground out, as they were causing a trip hazard for the children. After further discussion with facilities management provider, Integral, it was agreed that lifecycle funding could be used for resurfacing the playground, with works being completed in January 22.

Integral commented:

An immediate site visit was arranged when we became aware of the trip hazard in order to assess the health & safety risk and a plan of action was quickly agreed between all parties.

The first and most important stage was to remove the tripping hazard as soon as possible. Therefore, Integral proposed a couple of different options to the landlord/nursery and it was decided that the best option would be for the exposed tree roots to be ground down and then cavities created would be covered with soil in order to create a level and safer playing area for the children.

Further discussions took place regarding how the area could be improved and all parties agreed that the trodden grass and soil was not an appropriate surface for young children to be using on a daily basis, especially in the winter. Consequently, Integral was able to obtain approval for replacing the existing surface with wet pour rubber soft surfacing earlier this year.

The collaborative approach between the landlord, nursery and Integral meant that the groundwork could be completed in a timely manner and then the new surface was installed shortly after.

Integral are very pleased that they have been able to contribute to a safe and attractive playground that can be used all year round by the children at the Picton Surestart nursery.



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