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  • Jane Batchelor

Mere Lane community gardening project creates an edible sensory garden

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

LSHP recently donated £1,000 to Great Homer Street GP Practice to support their Community Gardening Project. This has been put to great use with planters being installed in the courtyard at Mere Lane, with the upkeep of the garden being maintained by patients of the practice. The project aimed to bring people together in an outdoor environment, to create a sustainable and greener, therapeutic garden in the courtyard at the health centre. They use fragrant plants and herbs to stimulate the senses, in a bid to reduce conditions associated with dementia and Alzheimer's. Four volunteers now visit the garden twice a week to look after the planters to ensure they are well maintained.

As part of the project, the volunteers are offered some training on topics such as food growing, green care, and health and safety helping them to gain maximum benefit from the garden and equip them with the knowledge and confidence to develop therapeutic gardening and food growing projects themselves in the future.

The garden will provide a perfect place for everyone to get together, socialise relax and keep active. It will provide an opportunity to spend time together, which will greatly improve their wellbeing.



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