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  • Jane Batchelor

Supporting the delivery of the COVID-19 Booster programme.

Using data gathered from the earlier utilisation and feasibility studies, we were able to free-up space in both the Southport Centre for Health and Wellbeing and the Ainsdale Centre for Health and Wellbeing to house a 7 day a week COVID-19 vaccine service.

In July this year the Ainsdale Centre for Health and Wellbeing was stepped down as a COVID-19 vaccine site. This allowed community services housed within the Southport Centre to be moved into the vacated space at the Ainsdale Centre, a move that freed-up more space at the Southport Centre for the booster clinic and in turn, increasing utilisation within both sites.

In December 2021 the government asked for the booster sites to step-up delivery to meet the demand for boosters to protect against the new COVID-19 variant. The Southport booster site is now back to running from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week, only closing on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and ongoing into 2022.



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